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Top Ten Reasons to Register Today

TOP TEN reasons to register today for the FARR Annual Conference August 5th, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency-Grand Cypress, Orlando.

Number 10:

Throughout substance abuse treatment continuum, it all comes down to “reputation”. Florida has developed a national reputation as the Wild West. Together; we become a force to restore our good name.

Number 9:

Aren’t most of us all about the value of peer-to-peer interactivity? The FARR Conference provides an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and engage in dialog concerning issues directly impacting your sector.

Number 8:

FADAA represents Florida “managed entities”, all of whom are potential referral sources. DAF, CARP, BARC, Henderson, New Horizons, Operation Par, Stewart Marchman to name but a few.

Number 7:

Some state legislators & local leaders are betting that, as a group, we’re too self-centered to gain organized momentum.

Number 6:

FARR Conference content is timely, on task and addresses important issues impacting all sectors along the care continuum. Together we can shape the future of ROSC here in Florida.

Number 5:

Those “fighting the good fight” need your support. Surely it’s not too much to ask for a one day, $95 commitment to support those who volunteer hundreds of hours of their personal time for your benefit?

Number 4:

This is your trade association! Your voice and participation matters. Sitting idly by, pointing fingers and lamenting the sad state of affairs isn’t going to change much, is it?  Let’s get connected!

Number 3:

Responsible & ethical service providers within the recovery residence and IOP sectors must group together now so that all stakeholders can distinguish the “good guys” from the “bad guys”.

Number 2:

We’re beginning to set the agenda rather than simply react to agendas those fueled by stigma and ignorance. This requires unity, solidarity and scale. Join us and help make a difference!

Number 1:

If Recovery Residences don’t demonstrate that we have successfully organized under the FARR umbrella, well-funded and highly organized NIMBY forces will kick our butts in the next legislative session.

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