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1. Organizational/Administrative Standards Level I Level II Level III Level IV
1.1 Recovery Residences are legal business entities as evidenced by business licenses or incorporation documents; Strongly recommend Strongly recommend
1.2 Recovery Residences have a written mission and vision statement;
1.3 Recovery Residences have a written code of ethics;
1.4 Recovery Residences property owners/operators carry general liability insurance; Strongly recommended Strongly recommended
1.5 Recovery Residences comply with state and federal requirements.
If required, documents such as licenses and certificates of occupancy are visible for public view;
1.6 Recovery Residences clearly identify the responsible person(s) in charge of the Recovery Residence to all residents;
1.7 Recovery Residences clearly state the minimum qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of the responsible person(s) in a written job description and/or contract; n/a n/a
1.8 Recovery Residences provide drug and alcohol free environments;
1.9 Recovery Residences collect and report accurate process and outcome data for continuous quality improvement; Strongly recommended Strongly recommended
1.10 Recovery Residences have written permission from the owner of record to operate a Recovery Residence on their property;
2. Fiscal Management Standards Level I Level II Level III Level IV
2.1 Recovery Residences maintain an accounting system that fully documents all resident financial transactions such as fees, payments and deposits;
3. Operation Standards Level I Level II Level III Level IV
3.1 Recovery Residences post emergency procedures and staff phone number in conspicuous locations; n/a n/a
3.2 Recovery Residences post emergency numbers, protocols and evacuation maps; n/a n/a
4. Recovery Support Standards Level I Level II Level III Level IV
4.1 Recovery Residences maintain a staffing plan; If applicable If applicable
4.2 Recovery Residences use an applicant screening process that helps maintain a safe and supportive environment for a specific group of persons in recovery;
4.3 Recovery Residences adhere to applicable confidentiality laws;
4.4 Recovery Residences keep resident records secure with access limited to authorized staff only;
4.5 Recovery Residences have a grievance policy and procedure for residents;
4.6 Recovery Residences create a safe, structured, and recovery supportive environment through written and enforced residents’ rights and requirements;
4.7 Recovery Residences have an orientation process that clearly communicates residents’ rights and requirements prior to them signing any agreements; collects demographic and emergency contact information and provides new residents with written instructions on emergency procedures and staff contact information;
4.8 Recovery Residences foster mutually supportive and recovery-oriented relationships between residents and/or staff through peer-based interactions, house meetings, community gatherings, recreational events, and/or other social activities;
4.9 Recovery Residences foster recovery-supportive, alcohol and drug-free environments through written and enforced policies and procedures that address: residents who return to alcohol and/or drug use; hazardous item searches; drug-screening and or toxicology protocols; and prescription and non-prescription medications usage and storage;
4.10 Recovery Residences encourage each resident to develop and participate in their own personalized recovery plan;
4.11 Recovery Residences inform residents on the wide range of local treatment and recovery support services available to them including: 12 step or other mutual support groups, recover community centers, recovery ministries, recovery-focused leisure activities and recovery advocacy opportunities;
4.12 Recovery Residences provide nonclinical, recovery support and related services;
4.13 Recovery Residences encourage residents to attend mutually supportive, self help groups and/or outside professional services;
4.14 Recovery Residences provide access to scheduled and structured peer-based services such as didactic presentations; n/a n/a
4.15 In accordance with State Statute (397), when making referrals, Recovery Residence provide access to a minimum of three third party clinical service providers. n/a n/a
4.16 Recovery Residences offer life skills development services; n/a n/a
4.17 Recovery Residences offer clinical services in accordance to State laws; n/a n/a n/a
5. Property Standards Level I Level II Level III Level IV
5.1 Recovery Residences abide by all local building and fire safety codes;
5.2 Recovery Residences provide each residents with food and personal item storage;
5.3 Recovery Residences place functioning fire extinguishers in plain sight and/or in clearly marked locations ;
5.4 Recovery Residences have functioning smoke detectors installed. If the residence has gas appliances, functioning carbon monoxide detectors are installed;
5.5 Recovery Residences provide a non smoking internal living environment;
5.6 Recovery Residences have a community room large enough to accommodate house meetings and sleeping rooms that adhere to local and state square footage requirements;
5.7 Recovery Residences have one sink, toilet and shower per five residents or adhere to local and state requirements;
5.8 Recovery Residences have laundry services that are accessible to all residents;
5.9 Recovery Residences maintain the interior and exterior of the property in a functional, safe and clean manor that is compatible with the neighborhood;
5.10 Recovery Residences have meeting spaces that accommodate all residents;
5.11 Recovery Residences have appliances that are in working order and furniture that is in good condition;
5.12 Recovery Residences address routine and emergency repairs in a timely fashion;
6. Good Neighbor Standards Level I Level II Level III Level IV
6.1 Recovery Residences provide neighbors with the responsible person(s) contact information upon request. The responsible person(s) responds to neighbor’s complaints, even if it is not possible to resolve the issue;
6.2 Recovery Residences have rules regarding noise, smoking, loitering and parking that are responsive to neighbor’s reasonable complaints;
6.3 Recovery Residences have and enforce parking courtesy rules where street parking is scarce;