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Bliss Recovery Solutions

Residence Information
Location Boynton Beach, Florida
Palm Beach County
Level II
Date Established 06/01/2015
Type of Structure Single family
Priority Population Men
Recovery Path 12 Step, Faith-based
Abstinence Based? Yes
Number of Bedrooms 3
Number of Bathrooms 2
Number of Units 1
Rent or Program Fees
Rent is Billed Both
Shared Room Amount $225
Private Room Amount $0
Administrative Fees $225
Deposit Amount $225
First & Last Amount $225
Pro-rated Amount $33
Client Fund Management Yes
Food Included? No
Residence Contact Info
Manager Name patrick-a-dude
Manager Phone
Manager Email

Residence Profile

Patrick A. Dude- 561-779-1245 At Bliss Recovery Solutions we believe that resident care comes first. We provide a Benevolent Living Interactive Structured Society (BLISS), in which we have our residents learn to find themselves again without the use of any mood altering substances. Many people in recovery are sober, but not necessarily happy. At BLISS Recovery Solutions it's our job to help them through these hard times. We start with character building, this involves boosting confidence as well as self-esteem. This begins by allowing the resident to make his own decisions rather than being told what to do all day, to a certain extent. At BLISS Recovery Solutions we treat everyone as an individual. The only way to do that is to let them behave as if they were in their natural habitat, but with some limitations. This becomes part of our evaluation process. Nevertheless, we do have strict rules and consequences and enforce them accordingly. We believe in positive reinforcement, yet at the same time we have strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to certain behaviors and drug use of any kind. There is much more to us than simply maintaining our residents' sobriety. It is imperative for people in recovery to be engaged within all sorts of activities in early sobriety. This gives them the opportunity to appreciate life experiences that they may have taken for granted in the past. Therefore, we offer extracurricular activities like: BBQ's, beach days, bowling nights, going to the cinema, weekly house meetings with a guest speaker and more. We have a state of the art recording studio on site as well as a sound engineer at your disposal full-time. Everyone in recovery needs an outlet to vent their feelings, wether it be the pain that they have endured or their new found happiness.