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Channel 7 News Carmel on the Case: Renewed Push to Regulate Sober Homes in Florida

Halfway houses are being set up in neighborhoods across South Florida, leaving residents outraged over loitering and drug dealing on the streets. Right now there is no way to stop them. Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is on the case.

Dealing with addiction is a lifelong battle. To get back on their feet after Detox and treatment, those in recovery often live together in halfway houses, otherwise known as sober homes.

Jackie: “I’m an addict, raise my hand, all the way.”

Jackie, who asked we just use her first name, says she was ordered by a judge to live in a sober home where conditions were terrible.

Jackie: “This location was worse than jail, it was. I mean the rats. Jail had no rats. The cockroaches when you opened the drawers.”

But problems aren’t just on the inside. Sober home operators are buying properties in residential areas. Their neighbors are complaining about loitering, drinking and drug dealing in areas where children play.



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