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Responsible Drug Screening Panel at the FARR Annual Conference

The addiction treatment community currently faces challenges centered around the development of responsible drug screening practices. This issue impacts the entire continuum, from medical detox through recovery residences. Responsible operators in all sectors are further challenged by competitive forces originating from unethical providers who indulge in practices designed to maximize revenues from insurance reimbursements. This panel discussion will directly address these issues and allow adequate time for audience participation.

Brian Crowley, Panel Facilitator

Mr. Crowley serves as CEO of Integra Labs, a clinical laboratory development company, offering turnkey customized testing solutions for the drug treatment industry. Mr. Crowley has worked closely with NAATP and other national organizations to develop of standards and best practices surrounding responsible drug screening.

Charles J. Esposito, ESQ.

Mr. Esposito is the owner and executive director of Seastone of Delray, a Delray Beach addiction treatment facility licensed as Community Day/Night with residential overlay certified by FARR as a level 4 recovery residence. Seastone also operates a FARR Certified level 2 recovery residence as a component of their ROSC model approach to supporting clients recovering from addiction.

Beth Fisher – LCSW, LCAS, MAC, CCS

Founder and CEO of a highly reputable aftercare recovery residence in Atlanta, with additional locations in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC. This non-profit serves men and women recovering from addictive, emotional, and eating disorders, and is known for innovative, state of the art programming. Ms. Fisher is a founding member of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), President Emeritus and currently serves as Chair of the NARR Standards Committee.

Gregory Lyons MALMHC, NCC, CAP

Mr. Lyons has held various positions with a number of treatment providers. Additionally, Mr. Lyons worked in the pre-authorization, utilization review and case management departments for insurance companies and plan administrators, addressing issues related to medical necessity, clinical appropriateness, discharge planning and patient monitoring with respect to all levels of treatment.

David Hirshfeld, ESQ.

Mr. Hirshfeld has been an attorney for twenty years, and has focused the majority his career on the health care industry. David represents many health care providers including substance abuse treatment centers, recovery residences, clinical laboratories, group practices, and lay business people with respect to their ongoing operations, new business transactions, licensure, regulatory matters, and dispute resolution. Additionally, David serves on the FARR Advisory Board.

Panel Discussion Points

Is it reasonable for residents or residence operators to absorb the cost for testing (1x or 2x weekly) that often equals or exceeds their weekly program fees? ● Is it reasonable for insurers to sit by idly while being pummeled with multiple panel testing through independent labs, IOPs and PHPs seeking to maximize revenue? ● Why is it not in the insurers’ best interest to exclude responsible RRs, IOPs & PHPs from re-imbursement for reasonable, ethical confirmation testing? ● How do we construct an environment where responsible leaders from all stakeholders collaborate to define a path that effectively resolves this dilemma? ● How does this group then work together to identify and block offenders from continuing to abuse the system?

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