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FARR Welcomes Seacrest Transitional Living as a Certified Member!

Seacrest Transitional Living is dedicated to providing a supportive community where men in early recovery can restore themselves to healthy sober individuals.  We believe that recovery is a process and requires the right level of support to move our residents toward a positive clean and sober life. The key to success in recovery is a solid foundation, which Seacrest Transitional Living provides, while encouraging our residents to develop within themselves.  Each resident agrees to an individual plan during his stay with us.

Seacrest Transitional Living’s individual plan:

  • Attend 12 step meetings regularly
  • Have a 12 step sponsor within 2 weeks of moving into the home
  • Attend our weekly house meeting
  • Gain employment within 2 weeks of moving into the residence

The managing owner of Seacrest Transitional Living has been clean and sober for over 6 1/2 years. He is very active in the recovery community of South Florida. He has a strong passion for recovery and works closely with men in recovery to help them reach their goal of a clean and sober life.


Josh Fenster, Owner/Operator
Phone: 954-304-4928