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FARR Welcomes Millennium Labs as a Friend of FARR

Posted by Whitney Lehman on Apr 13, 2013 7:35:00 PM

Millennium Labs

Millannium Labs


Michelle Jones
Millennium Laboratories is the leading research-based, clinical diagnostic company dedicated to improving the lives of peoplesuffering from pain and/or addiction.   The company provides healthcare professionals with the medication monitoring, drugdetection and pharmacogenetic testing services, clinical tools, scientific data and education helping to personalize treatment plans and potentially improve clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Millennium UDT is a clinical tool that allows you to customize a testing program and individualize your patient’s treatment plans based on medical necessity.   You can choose from a test menu that includes over 80 different drugs and metabolites from over 375 brand name medications. We can test with just 1 mL of urine, virtually eliminating “quantity insufficient” results.  Fulllaboratory  results are received generally within one business day from the time the specimen is received at our lab. In addition, there is a hotline service available 7 days a week for you to consult with a toxicologist and/or clinical pharmacist regarding test results.