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FARR Welcomes Cashbox Solutions as a Partner in Excellence!

Posted by Whitney Lehman on May 26, 2013 2:41:00 PM

Cashbox Solutions

Cashbox Solutions


John lehman, Partner

“Achieve More, Pay Less.”

Cashbox Solutions is a payment system developer and merchant services provider. Cashbox delivers simple, intuitive solutions to help our clients get more accomplished in less time and for less money.

The Recovery Residence Payment System (RRPS) is designed to meet the specific needs of transitional housing providers. Offering multiple payment options, multiple secure payment channels and a hosted administrative database, all operational levels are supported by this robust system.

The Professional Services Payment System (PSPS) is designed to meet the needs of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment facilities, Outpatient & PHP Programs, Law Firms, Vocational Schools, Insurance Brokers, Realtors, Property Management Firms, Certified Public Accountants and other professionals by offering multiple payment options, multiple payment channels and a cloud-based, secure administrative database all incorporated into a single payment system.

FARR Members are eligible for our “Perfect Fit” Program which provides your organization with the opportunity to deploy RRPS or PSPS for 90 Days without any set-up or monthly fees. Learn first-hand how this system improves cash flow, enhances operational efficiency and reduces your cost of card acceptance. * Prior bankcard merchant account approval is required.