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FARR News Flash!

Posted by Whitney Lehman on May 1, 2013 10:52:00 AM

News Flash

FARR Membership continues to expand. Presently, the FARR Membership Committee headed by Allyson Chambers is diligently working to guide nine additional applicants through the process of achieving Certified Membership. Should all these applicants complete the process successfully, Certified Membership will double by the end of May. Of further note; this group of applicants extends as far north as Daytona, west to St. Petersburg and southwest the Naples.

FARR Certified Members

FARR has recently received notification that several Broward County residences plan to make application shortly and our Outreach Committee has scheduled an informational meeting to be held on the west coast of Florida on May 17th, 2013. Also, there are tentative plans to hold an FARR Informational in late May at the Drug Abuse Foundation (DAF) in South Palm Beach County.

The Ethics Committee recently finalized the FARR Code of Ethics along with the Grievance Policy & Procedure. Drew Moore, of Aspen Grove Design, will add these to the FARR Website next week. These two tasks were the last items requiring completion in order to prepare and forward the official Welcome Packages. All nine existing Certified Members should look for these in their mailboxes sometime next week.

Partners in Excellence

Please anticipate additional posts to this blog in upcoming weeks regarding Senate Bill 738 which is reported to have met an timely death (RIP) in committee last week and an update regarding the FARR “Partners in Excellence” (PIE) membership category.  To date, FARR has attracted ten (10) PIE Members and more continue to express interest and support each week.


As always, many thanks to the volunteers who make this association work. We are very fortunate to have attracted quality, knowledgeable and experienced participants willing to do what’s necessary to sustain momentum and build this organization.