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FARR Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

FARR Advisory Board Meeting
January 8, 2013


Allyson Chambers, President FARR
Scott Hoffmire, Treasurer FARR
Nancy Steiner, Executive Director FARR, Board Member NARR
Natalie Wilgoren, Board Member FARR
Suzanne Spencer, Board Member FARR
Jill Reece, Board Member FARR
John Lehman, Board Member FARR

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Scott gave the treasurer’s report. Our checking account balance is $3,594.

Allyson reported on the committees. The Membership Committee has met several times. We need to know who is willing to be an inspector. Whoever is on it will not own a recovery residence. The Standards and By Laws Committee has finished all of its work. Everything is written and completed.

The FARR Inspection application mentions that a recovery residence must sign the Code of Ethics, so we need to be sure we have that along with the application. Plus, we need it to be downloaded to the website.

Nancy spoke about the NCAD conference, where there was a booth for both FARR and NARR. There was also a Board Meeting for NARR, and members from all over the country attended.

John Lehman spoke about the website. There still needs to be some clarification for the online application, for fees as well as levels. Also, when an application comes in online, but the check comes through the mail, there is no connection between the two – this is a communications breakdown which will be rectified.

He also mentioned that we need more relevant news to put on the website. Suzanne mentioned that perhaps we could have Google alerts for specific topics that could go to our website. John agreed, but wondered what source of news we would use. He also wants to put a place on the website where interested parties can sign up for our newsletter. We could hook up with NARR for information for our website, but not yet. The NARR website is underdoing a complete redesign.

Payments made through Cashbox can automatically generate e-mails to several different people who need to know about them. We just need to decide who those people are. Applications made on line should go to the Membership Committee, as well as to Scott Hoffmire, among others.

Another thought would be to have a confirmation e-mail go back to the person who made an application on line, if that is not already the case.

We need to get the word out in West Palm Beach that the next informational meeting will be there for anyone who is interested. We also need to have one for Broward.

Suzanne commented that if we can get the Treatment Centers to refer only to FARR members, then everyone will fall in line, so we should steer our outreach towards them. Beth is flying in in March to make a push for the treatment centers.

As far as new business goes, Nancy is meeting with Drew at Hanley. He is very interested in FARR, and we may be able to use their facilities for our trainings.

Also, the Advisory Board should probably divide its members up into one, two and three year terms of service. There are about 12 people on the Board now, so it would be four, four and four. Perhaps people could mention what length term they would be interested in.

The secretarial aspect of FARR is getting overwhelming, and we need a permanent, paid secretary. In the beginning it would probably take 6 to 8 hours a week of someone’s time. Linda would be glad to work with whomever to get them going, and would continue to be available to answer questions at any time. She also needs to make up a job description.

Michelle Adams is flying in on February 7th, and will work with potential inspectors the morning of February 8th. The afternoon of February 8th, and all day February 9th will be dedicated to inspections of the first recovery residences to become members of FARR. We will pay for her airline ticket.

The next Conference will be in Clearwater: U S Journal Training Inc., Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders, It is February 11th through 14th.

The next Advisory Board meeting is Tuesday, March 12th, at 7PM. The meetings will be every two months until things are up and running.

The meeting was adjourned.