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John Lehman

John Lehman previously served FARR as a certification inspector, outreach chair and a liaison to the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). Over the last two years, he has helped to develop the organizational infrastructure and continues to support initiatives to enhance the rights of residents who seek to enjoy alcohol-drug free housing that is safe, clean, and peer supportive. John was fortunate to reside in several excellent recovery residences early in his own recovery and has also managed several others. He is committed to assisting owner/operators in their quest to deliver nurturing environments to those they serve. John is also the managing consultant of Cashbox Solutions, a payment system developer that designs financial and management cloud-hosted software solutions for the recovery industry. From 2012, John served as FARR Board Chair. Over a five year period, he helped to develop organizational infrastructure, establish a comprehensive credentialing process and forge alliances with federal, state and local agencies. In January 2018, John stepped down from his leadership role to help launch the Recovery Outcomes Institute.