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Dr. John C. Eustace, MD

John C. Eustace graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1974. He completed internship and residency at the University’s affiliated hospitals—Jackson Memorial, Miami Veteran’s Administration Medical Center and National Children’s Cardiac Hospital. After his post-graduate training, Dr. Eustace was recruited to stay on as a member of the faculty at the University of Miami in the Department of Medicine. While attending patients in the Jackson Memorial Hospital medical wards, emergency room, clinics, medical and neurosurgical intensive care units, he taught students, interns and residents in training. In 1978 the American Board of Medical Examiners certified Dr. Eustace in the specialty of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Eustace began his career in Addiction Medicine, a newly arising subspecialty at the time, in 1982. Since that time, he has been involved fulltime in the care of patients presenting with Substance-Related and Co-Occurring Disorders. He was one of the first physicians in South Florida to be certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (1984.)

Over the course of his thirty-six year medical career, Dr. Eustace has been part of many medical and community activities. He has won numerous awards for his accomplishments and service. Now, Dr. Eustace is the Medical Director of the South Miami Hospital Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center. He is a member and Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He is a past president and an active Board member of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine; a Board member of Friends of the Drug Court of Dade County; a member of the Drug Testing Committee of the University of Miami Athletic Department. Dr. Eustace is a Voluntary Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He remains committed to the continuous study and implementation of the highest quality of treatment for complex neurophysiologic conditions.