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Certified Recovery Residence Administrator Credentialing Process

FCBRecovery residences or “sober living homes” are intended to be supportive transitional environments for individuals preparing to face the world during recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. These residences rely upon peer group recovery to help individuals gain strength and coping skills in a safe environment. The topic of recovery residences has been in the forefront in Florida for the past several years.  In 2015, the Florida Legislature passed a law requiring recovery residences and their administrators to be certified.

This credential recognizes professionals who manage residences that offer recovery-oriented support to help individuals with substance use disorders achieve a life in recovery. A Certified Recovery Residence Administrator is the person responsible for the overall management of a recovery residence, plus supervision of residents and paid or volunteer staff.

For a one-year period, April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017, application for the CRRA credential will be in a “grandparenting” phase. A grandparenting application period is time-limited and specifically designed to acknowledge the competency of those who are currently doing the work that is expected of a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator. To qualify during grandparenting, candidates must meet established criteria; however, the certification examination is suspended during this period.

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