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FARR Certification is a consultative process. It begins with a thorough review of the NARR Standard by the prospective applicant. Parties who desire to voluntary submit for certification to this Standard may apply online by selecting the “Apply Now” navigation button at the bottom of this pageThe dynamic online application form poses specific questions based on answers to preliminary inquiries regarding number of locations and support level(s) offered by the applicant organization.

Document Compliance

Supporting documentation uploaded during the application process is carefully reviewed by staff for evidence of compliance with the NARR Standard. Utilizing proprietary software designed for this specific purpose, staff flags standards that are successfully satisfied as well as those that raise concern. The applicant’s primary contact then receives notification regarding any issues that require resolution prior to scheduling the onsite visit.

Onsite Compliance

FARR requires unrestricted access to interview management, staff and residents to ensure that policies, procedures and protocols are, in fact, implemented in the residential setting. Utilizing the same proprietary software, field staff assess compliance, under each of the NARR Standard domains, to ensure the residence offers safe, dignified, alcohol & drug free, recovery supportive housing that blends into the surrounding community.

Continuing Compliance

Upon completion of the compliance review and after the remaining steps have been satisfied, including owner, manager & staff training, FARR issues a Certificate of Compliance. Applicants are required to embed on their website a link to the FARR Grievance Form and to post “Resident Rights & Responsibilities” in each location. Audit & grievance inspections may be conducted without advanced notice at any time to ensure continued compliance.

FARR is not a licensing authority, nor are we the “recovery residence police”.  Our mission is to promote quality recovery housing through provider compliance with the National Standard. Our certification team is comprised of trained administrative & field personnel. Through open and transparent collaboration, FARR personnel guide applicant owners, managers and staff to achieve the Standard. The duration of the certification process varies significantly based on provider preparedness, motivation and experience. The objective for both parties is to achieve successful certification. Assuming this shared objective, FARR Certification maintains unwavering integrity by ensuring providers continue to demonstrate compliance with the NARR Standard and FARR Code of Ethics.

How does FARR certification personnel measure compliance with standards?

FARR commissioned the development of a secure cloud-hosted application accessible through web-enabled devices, including smart phones. Certification personnel have permission-based access to review and make notations regarding policy & procedures, house rules & consequences, proof of adequate general liability insurance coverage, staffing plans and job descriptions as well as other supporting documents reviewed for compliance. In similar fashion, field personnel access the certification portal to update the system with notations during onsite visits. Each standard is considered during this process. The software generates a report that chronicles the outcome of the certification examination. In most instances, organizations are provided opportunities to remedy issues that remain unsatisfied. When certification of compliance with the NARR Standard has been been achieved, a Certificate of Compliance is issued to the applicant organization.

Won’t some operators return to ‘questionable practices” as soon as the onsite visit is concluded?

Most applicants for certification are internally motivated to provide high quality support for residents. This group, which represents the majority of Recovery Residence operators, seeks to provide safe, dignified and peer-supportive, community-based housing that blends into the surrounding neighborhood. Unfortunately, a limited few are driven by more selfish motivations and, as a result, subsequent to certification, future non-compliance is possible. For this reason, FARR hosts a grievance form on this website to encourage stakeholders, with first-hand experience of non-compliance, to alert us of instances where a provider is no longer adhering the NARR Standard or FARR Code of Ethics. Any stakeholder is welcome to file a confidential grievance regarding non-compliance provided that stakeholder has direct knowledge and evidence to support their assertion(s). Residents, former residents, staff, former staff, family members, recovery coaches, therapists and neighbors are encouraged to communicate legitimate concerns. FARR maintains a dedicated staff trained to administer these complaints. Depending on the assertion and supporting evidence, FARR staff will address the issue directly or refer the grievant to a more appropriate authority including Department of Children & Families, Department of Health, Florida State Law Enforcement Agency, local law enforcement and zoning enforcement departments, and/or the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection.

How can concerned parties file a grievance if they believe compliance to standards is not in evidence?

Visit File a Grievance if you have direct knowledge of a certified residence’s failure to adhere to the standard or code of ethics. To review the Standard or Code of Ethics, please visit NARR Standard or FARR Code of Ethics.

Who has access to applicant information and are applicants protected by any form of confidentiality agreement?

All documentation submitted by applicants for certification is held  in confidence by FARR personnel and accessed by certification staff for the sole purpose of determining the applicant organization’s compliance with the NARR standard and FARR Code of Ethics. to learn more, please read the FARR Confidentiality Policy.