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2015 Legislation Session Update

The Florida Legislative session officially opens March 3, 2015. Over a period of what effectively amounts to forty (40) active ‘voting days’, state policy makers will review, amend and pass on to Governor Scott some […]

Life After Rent Assistance: What’s Next?

The Florida substance abuse treatment and recovery residence community has engaged in much discussion regarding the subject of responsible drug screening practices. This topic was a focal point of the August 2014 FADAA pre-conference workshop […]

Inaction on sober homes in Florida may set stage for legislation in 2015…

A Florida legislative session that unfolded against the backdrop of local government unrest over recovery residences essentially ended where it began for the recovery homes, as House-adopted legislation providing for voluntary certification of the residences […]

Regulation of Florida Recovery Residences Update

The DCF Recovery Residence Study commissioned by the state legislature under SB 1500 (General Appropriations Act 2013-2014) has been released. As readers review the content of this study, it becomes abundantly clear that: DCF does […]

Lawmakers Square Off Against Sober Houses – Florida Weekly

PAIGE SITS OUTSIDE STARBUCKS, DRINKING HER CAFFÉ americano. She does not care to share her last name. She does not want to shame her family. Addiction carries anonymity. Paige has a faint scar running from […]

NAATP, Leading Advocate for Parity, Welcomes Final Rule on Mental Health and Addiction

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fl. November 14, 2013- PRNewswire-USNewswire —  The Departments of Treasury, Labor and Health and Human Services issued a final rule on Friday November 8, 2013 governing the implementation of the Paul Wellstone […]

OPERATION PAR’s Federal NIMBY Suit Big Success

Addiction Treatment Industry Newswire 10/10/2012 – ATIN – In an indication of the effectiveness of a string of federal rulings slapping down local NIMBY aggression against addiction treatment drug rehab alcohol rehab expansion, officials in […]

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