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Is Your Drug Screening “Medically Necessary”?

Under what circumstances is a drug screening “medically necessary” when conducted by a Recovery Residence? When considering this question from the perspective of the proposed legislation introduced by Senator Clemens and Representative Hager (SB 582 […]

NIMBY Wrapped in a Consumer Protection Blanket

  There’s far too much distraction, misinformation and ‘Trojan Horse’ agenda muddling the waters of the public dialog concerning oversight of Recovery Residences. With help from the media, South Florida has become a hotbed of […]

Insurance Roadmap for Recovery Residences

Before you click to the next article or just close your eyes for a snooze; I promise that this will be short, painless, and as exciting and informative as possible. All of the following coverage’s […]

Preventing the Wreckage of the Future: Referrals & Liability

Liability Issues for Substance Abuse Facilities Referring to Recovery Residences Many people who begin their recovery journey by going through a substance abuse treatment program are subsequently directed to recovery residences of all types.  “Though […]

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