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Outreach Committee

The primary focus of this committee is to encourage members of the Florida substance abuse treatment community to join SARR as a Partner in Excellence and recovery residences throughout the state to voluntarily seek certification as a SARR Certified Residence. Additionally, this committee is responsible to maintain SARR social media outlets, our email distribution list and publish the SARR Newsletter.

Chair: Steve Cooke

As Communications Director for The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), The Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) and fellow FARR Board member Michael Walsh, the organizations’ CEO and President, FARR Outreach Chair Stephen Cooke is responsible for the creation, growth and implementation of NAATP’s internal and external communications efforts, increasing awareness of the association’s mission and, through the versatility of his media experience in print, PR, broadcasting and websites, highlighting its work across multiple communications platforms.

Born in Stratford-on-Avon, England, he brought his prolific journalistic output Stateside to pursue new media career paths, and his professional responsibilities throughout his career on both sides of the Atlantic includes extensive writing and editing, brand development, and media relations of increasing managerial experience until he came to South Florida a couple of years ago and embraced recovery.

Advocacy Committee

The mission of this committee is to promote and protect the rights of residents to enjoy, alcohol & drug free, peer supportive housing that is safe, clean and dignified while in recovery from addiction. Advocacy initiatives include educating recovery residences operators regarding fair housing rights, identifying legislators who support the recovery residence sector and mobilizing support from within the recovery community.

George Jahn

The owner and founder of Sober Living in Delray, LLC, South Florida’s oldest and most structured Recovery Residence. For more than two decades he has dedicated himself to assist thousands of recovering individuals in their quest to gain and maintain quality, long-term recovery. His other passion is Higher Education and in 2014 after 21 years with Palm Beach State College, Professor Jahn retired as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics. He remains active in Higher Education as an Adjunct Professor at PBSC by his support of the Collegiate Recovery Community at PBSC and is involved with Clean Spring Break in Boca Raton, FL. and the Recovery Skiathon in Breckenridge, Co. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Crossroads Club in Delray Beach, Fl. and is also a member of the Delray Beach Drug Taskforce, the Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition and is the Founder of the South County Recovery Residence Association. George’s other love is helping others to improve the professionalism and ethics of the Recovery Residence Community in Florida and the nation.

Ethics & Standards Committee

SARR is constructed upon the foundation of ethical operations and standards driven practices within the recovery residence sector. As an affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), SARR adopted our standards from those published by NARR. Representing affiliate organizations from coast to coast, NARR developed these standards from the collective experience of over 2,500 recovery residences nationwide. The Ethics & Standards committee is responsible to process & report upon the resolution of grievances related to the SARR Code of Ethics and the SARR Standards.

Cathy Claud

Cathy has worked in the field of addiction for 35 years, most recently serving as the Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Service Coordinator for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Mrs. Claud has extensive experience procuring and monitoring community based substance abuse services. During her employment with the State of Florida, she participated on the statewide workgroup which drafted Florida’s regulatory standards for substance abuse and mental health services. Mrs. Claud is considered a leading expert on the licensing requirements for the state, having supervised the licensure process for substance abuse treatment facilities located throughout Palm Beach County.

Mrs. Claud has developed and implemented cross-system Substance Abuse and Mental Health Initiatives, working collaboratively with the Child Welfare System, Department of Juvenile Justice, Front Porch Communities and Department of Corrections. Cathy has her Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management from the University of Central Florida and is certified by the Florida Certification Board as a Certified Addiction Professional and Certified Prevention Profession. Cathy’s dedication, experience, passion for caring, and her own personal standards of excellence are a tremendous support to the recovering community.

Education & Training Committee

This committee is responsible for the development and delivery of educational content concerning the SARR Code of Ethics, Standards and Best Practices. SARR publishes forty-eight (48) individual standards that collectively promote alcohol & drug free, peer-supportive housing that is further delineated into four distinct levels of support (Levels 1-4). This committee seeks to educate residents, therapists, primary care discharge planners, judges, department of corrections personnel, legislators and the public-at-large regarding the importance of considering these support levels when making placement recommendations for residency.

Sharon Carter

Sharon Burns-Carter, CAC is a Certified Alcoholism Counselor and Addictions Professional from Marymount Manhattan College. Sharon has completed the Institute for Experiential Therapy on On-Site. Sharon has specialized in the treatment and therapeutic management of families in crisis. She works on an ongoing basis with not-for-profit, community and humanitarian organizations involving the addiction recovery and has extensive experience working with chemically dependent individuals and their families. Sharon is the Co-Founder of the highly acclaimed dual diagnosis program, Wellness Resource Center, Inc., and developed innovative clinical protocols treating this highly specialized population. As a result of this knowledge, Sharon has excelled in program and staff development, collaborating with programs and organizations to realize targeted treatment plans and continuing care objectives. Sharon maintains a private practice specializing in addiction training, consulting and Transitional Care Services, in Palm Beach County, FL.

Residents Committee

SARR exists to protect the rights of residents. This committee provides a channel for residents to voice their experience to better inform SARR leadership. The committee is also responsible to organize events that provide residents the opportunity to join together for fun and responsible participation in civic events aimed towards improving their local community. Among other initiatives, the Residents Committee, in conjunction with Advocacy, is responsible to schedule viewings of “Anonymous People” throughout the state to promote awareness within the recovering community regarding the need to organize and hold local, state and federal officials accountable to our rights as citizens.

Jason Leslie

Jason Leslie is the owner and operator of Trinity By Traditions, a multi facet sober living community in South Florida. Traditions is one of the oldest and longstanding Recovery Residences in South Florida. Jason also has ten years in recovery. He holds a Bachelor of Science in public management with a minor in business from Indiana University. Although Jason has no certification or formal substance abuse licensing, he possesses a direct approach of being on the front lines of com batting and overcoming substance abuse issues in the surrounding recovery community of South Florida.
In 2004, Jason began his journey in recovery and became a resident of the homes. Under the tutelage and guidance of Dennis Organ, who instilled into Jason a life of leadership through principles of recovery, he managed the homes for two years. In 2006, Jason was given the opportunity to take over ownership and founded Trinity By Traditions. Jason then took on the role of owner and developed one of the most successful recovery residences in the South Florida region. Over the past five years, Jason has expanded the size of the homes to accommodate the growing need for a safe and sober environment to men newly introduced into recovery.

Jason believes implementing a hands on and direct approach as the owner operator and that extensive work with a resident freshly introduced to recovery brings long term success. This is done by instilling standards of recovery, integrity, accountability, honesty and upholding strong moral ethics within the community. This is also done by assisting men in rebuilding their lives in almost all facets. This “from the ground up” approach helps in building a strong foundation for his residents. Advocating and helping residents in forming new outlooks and building lives based around spiritual principles allows Jason to witness incredible and life altering changes in the residents of his homes.

Jason also maintains that upholding strong moral ethics in the way his recovery residence is run, also is an integral part of its success. He maintains an “old school” approach and viewpoint on recovery. This being the primary focus of his process rather than solely profiting from the business of recovery. Jason instills into the men of his homes that a strong moral code of love and tolerance needs to be maintained daily. This moral tenant, along with a level of care and compassion not only within the homes but also the surrounding community, helps mold and shape the men of his homes in becoming upstanding members of society.