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FARR Welcomes Cornerstone Fellowship as a Certified Member!

Cornerstone Fellowship exists to provide an affordable, home-like environment for men and women who have successfully completed primary treatment for substance or alcohol dependence and who have the sincere desire to remain in a supportive community as they practice and develop their sober lifestyle and continue to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Residents will increase their personal skill levels in areas of honesty, accountability, obtaining and maintaining employment, social interaction, financial responsibility, goal setting and achievements.

We understand from personal experience and from working with others involved in recovery that an individual’s needs can vary for many reasons. However, while we cannot predict how much time a person needs to stay with us, we do emphasize stability. Without time to stabilize and practice what is learned through our guidelines, early relapse becomes a higher risk.

Our Sober Living Residencies are a more expanded version of the more typical “half way house” concepts. The guidelines are strict but fair and enforced. If your need is a clean, healthy, structured environment, that will offer a solid foundation in recovery, we encourage you to stay with us. It is our sincere goal to give you exceptional service and the opportunity for a clean and healthier lifestyle.


Bobby Ross, Owner/Operator
Phone: (561) 504-1335