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John Lehman


John Lehman previously served FARR as an certification inspector, outreach chair and a liaison to the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). Over the last two years, he has helped to develop the organizational infrastructure and continues to support initiatives to enhance the rights of residents who seek to enjoy alcohol-drug free housing that is safe, clean, and peer supportive. John was fortunate to reside in several excellent recovery residences early in his own recovery and has also managed several others. He is committed to assisting owner/operators in their quest to deliver nurturing environments to those they serve. John is also the managing partner of Cashbox Solutions, a payment system developer that designs financial and management cloud-hosted software solutions for the recovery industry.


Jessi Koubek

Jessi Koubek is currently the Marketing Manager and Coordinator at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. She has been employed by Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOP) since early 2011. Initially, Jessi was a Behavioral Health Tech at SeaSide Palm Beach and quickly rose through the ranks. Jess Is dedicated to healthy recovery both on a personal level and a professional one. As an active member of Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association, Jessi sits on a variety of committees geared to making the recovery community and industry stronger and more cohesive. Regardless of her professional accomplishments, Jessi is first and foremost a loving wife and a dedicated mother to her two young sons.

Jason Lesl

Jason Leslie

Jason Leslie is the owner and operator of Trinity By Traditions, a multi facet sober living community in South Florida. Trinity is one of the oldest and longstanding Recovery Residences in South Florida. Jason also has been in long term recovery since 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Science in public management with a minor in business from Indiana University. Jason possesses a direct approach of being on the front lines of combating and overcoming substance abuse issues in the surrounding recovery community of South Florida. Jason has obtained his CRRA as a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator.

In 2004, Jason began his journey in recovery and became a resident of the homes. Under the tutelage and guidance of Dennis Organ, who instilled into Jason a life of leadership through principles of recovery, he managed the homes for two years. In 2006, Jason was given the opportunity to take over ownership and founded Trinity By Traditions. Jason then took on the role of owner and developed one of the most successful recovery residences in the South Florida region. Over the past five years, Jason has expanded the size of the homes to accommodate the growing need for a safe and sober environment to men newly introduced into recovery.

Jason believes implementing hands on and direct approach as the owner operator and that extensive work with a resident freshly introduced to recovery brings long term success. This is done by instilling standards of recovery, integrity, accountability, honesty and upholding strong moral ethics within the community. This is also done by assisting men in rebuilding their lives in almost all facets. This “from the ground up” approach helps in building a strong foundation for his residents. Advocating and helping residents in forming new outlooks and building lives based around spiritual principles allows Jason to witness incredible and life altering changes in the residents of his homes. Over the years of experience he has gained a better understanding of how to utilize his experience and knowledge by providing the best, and safest community environment for men to offer them the opportunity to change their lives. Their slogan at Trinity has been “These homes will afford you the opportunity to change your life, if you choose to”.

Jason also maintains that upholding strong moral ethics in the way his recovery residence is run also is an integral part of its success. He maintains an “old school” approach and viewpoint on recovery. This is the primary focus of his process rather than solely profiting from the business of recovery. Jason instills into the men of his homes that a strong moral code of love and tolerance needs to be maintained daily. This moral tenant, along with a level of care and compassion not only within the homes but also the surrounding community, helps mold and shape the men of his homes in becoming upstanding members of society.

Greg Goyins

Gregory Goyins

In his short academic career, Mr. Goyins holds the distinction of being the only student in Chapman University’s 150-year history to move directly from being a first-year undergraduate to its MFA Conservatory at Dodge College.

Greg supplemented his practical degree, Film Production, with an emphasis in Directing and extensive coursework in the MA Film Studies department. He was recognized for his effort by being named a Marion Knott Scholar in 2010. In 2012 his thesis film, The Dead Kid, was nominated for the prestigious Princess Grace Foundation Grant. It later went on to be screened at the Heartland Film Festival and the Warsaw Film Festival, where it was nominated for its Short Grand Prix Award.

Mr. Goyins is the recipient of both the John Turp Scholarship for Outstanding Writing in the Humanities and the Hale Art Singer Foundation Writing Scholarship. Two of his short stories, “Sun, Moon, Truth” and “Autumn” have been published in the quarterly literary journal, Sanctuary! His non-fiction work, “Looking Backwards, Speeding Forward: Surrealism, Art and Cinema” has been published in Unscripted Magazine.

Mr. Goyins has lectured at the Florida Film Festival and the American Literature Association on the subjects of film adaptation and short story author, Raymond Carver. He has tallied more than seventeen “Best Screenplay” awards from across the international film community, and his adaptation of Carver’s “After The Denim,” starring Tom Bower (Crazy Heart, Nixon) and Karen Landry (Peaceful Warrior) marked his directorial debut. Karen Landry won Best Actress at the Downbeach Film Festival for her role as Edith Packer. The film has screened at a number of film festivals, been shown on television and picked up for distribution by Shorts International.

Robert raab

Robert Raab

Robert Raab is the Program Director for the Nextep, Inc. Robert has been working diligently to meet the growing needs for quality recovery residences in SWFL. Robert has a passion to help the people whose lives are being destroyed by the disease of addiction. Robert has been dedicated in his efforts to learn, live and teach the principles of recovery to the newly recovering addict.  He combines both life experience and education to empathize and teach the residents how to live a happy and contented life without using substances. Robert works with the residents to restore the family relationships, which are so important to sustain recovery for the individual. Robert is a Masters Certified Addictions Professional through the state of Florida # ADC-010855-2015 and a member of NAADAC, National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors. His educational background includes, Masters of Science Addictions Counseling, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ and Bachelors of Science Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.


Kay Hayes

I bring diverse management experience with first-hand knowledge of recovery and the operation of transitional recovery housing to my position as Executive Director of Avenues 12 Women’s Recovery House. I attended Penn State University for Elementary Education. Although my resume reflects 25 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant and three years serving as a supervisor with the American Red Cross, specializing in material support services and national disaster logistics, it is my work with women in recovery that enables me to reach my full potential. I can share my knowledge and experience with others and assist them to achieve their full potential.

My affiliation with recovery began on September 29, 2002, when I found myself a resident of Sees-the-Day in York, Pennsylvania. Here I decided to face my problems and embrace the solution, choosing to complete a one-year residential program. In March 2004, I was given the opportunity to merge my managerial skills with my personal experience as a recovering alcoholic when I was appointed manager of Choices Recovery House in York, Pennsylvania. Quickly developing a reputation as a competent and successful leader in this field; and within five years, I was manager of four such facilities (two female and two male), with a cumulative average of 50 residents. Among them, Choices Recovery House was recognized as the #1 women’s facility of its kind in the state of Pennsylvania.

I married my high school crush in January 2008. He was a 25-year veteran of the Coast Guard. When he retired, we moved to Daytona Beach. Since relocating to Florida, I held the dream of establishing a residential facility and continuing my work with women in recovery here. Avenues 12 is the realization of that dream. With his help and unwavering support, I was able to fulfill the dream of establishing a residential facility and continuing my work with women in recovery here. I was widowed in July 2011. Avenues 12 is a steady reminder of our shared vision.

The culmination of experience, dedication and providence, this is where I draw on my personal and professional background to provide a transitional and supportive environment where women have the chance to stop the downhill spiral and begin the upward climb.

In the course of four years we have maintained two houses and recently acquired a 10 unit apartment building to help further our efforts for the women of Avenues 12. Between the three properties we can house 40 women.

We have become involved in community projects and committees. We have a strong relationship with other nonprofit organizations in the area.

Michael lib

Michael Liberwirth

Michael Liberwirth came into recovery in March 2011 with little intention of staying sober, it was only when I began to witness the miracles of recovery that I truly began to give sobriety a chance. Before coming into recovery my life was ruled by selfish interest, it was only when I was humbled by my first service commitment that I began to see the benefit and necessity in helping others. I walked into my first 12 step meeting thinking I would become the president, I was shocked to find out I wasn’t even qualified to be the coffee maker…they made me the assistant coffee maker. Being from New Jersey and only being use to the chaos of addiction, the atmosphere of a recovery residence was quite a culture shock for me at first. But there were countless voices of my peers telling me to just stick with it, to “do the work” and in doing so I would find freedom from the disease of addiction. So I did, I continued in my personal recovery and started to give back not only in my 12 step group but at my recovery residence as well. My passion for helping people developed very quickly. My support group and I were immersed in recovery in every aspect of our lives. I owe everything I have to the early days of service I put in, and to the instrumental men and women who showed me how to do it. On a daily basis I continue to revisit the principles I learned early in my recovery. I have never once felt like my work in the field of recovery has been a job, it is service and it is a pleasure. Working with Fellowship Living has given me an opportunity to be an advocate for what recovery can do. Witnessing beautiful transformations every day, is why I continue to do what I do. From my simple conversation in the courtyards with the residents to being an advocate for recovery programs within the criminal justice system, I have seen no limit to the reach of hope and recovery.


Lisa McWhorter

Lisa has served as administrator of The Cottages of the Palm Beaches, deputy director and director of programs at Treasure Coast Health Planning Council, executive director of COMPASS, and a contract manager at the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. She has a degree in criminal justice from Auburn University and master’s degree in counseling and psychology from Troy State University.



Lyle, a third generation native of Miami, Florida, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Psychology degree from Liberty University. He is a Florida Board-Certified Addictions Professional (CAP); Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (ICADC); member in good standing of a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (AAS) and the International Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition (ISAAC); an Approved Training Provider through the Florida Certification Board; and a member, Florida Association of Drug Court Professionals. He has served as a Consultant & Licensure Specialist to numerous facilities and has served as a Drug Court Panel member. Lyle also served as a Primary Therapist in high-end facilities as well as in homeless shelters.

Lyle, currently works as CEO of The Shores Treatment & Recovery and has previous experience as the Executive Director and Clinical Director of several residential substance abuse treatment centers in Florida and has served on the board of several homeless coalitions and other community organizations.

Lyle has extensive experience helping substance abuse treatment centers become state-licensed and improve programs and services. As a part of his consulting work Lyle works closely with local government agencies and officials to help create a positive image for the recovery community and resolve zoning, fire, health & safety issues to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the municipalities and the recovery community.

He has worked extensively in social services with the homeless, the addicted, the mentally ill, and persons with disabilities. Civic activities include the following…

President, Rotary Club of Okeechobee, FL; 2011-2012; International Projects Chair, Rotary District 6930, 2012-2013; Former Life Groups/Small Groups Director, Calvary Chapel, Port Saint Lucie; Vice President, Florida’s Heartland Rural Consortia for the Homeless, Inc.; Board Member, Heart-For-Haiti Foundation; Board Member, Diversified Intervention Group; Founding Member, Mental Health Action Team (MHAT) of South Dade; Member, Miami Homeless Coalition; Member, Highlands County Coalition for the Homeless; Founding Member/Board of Directors, Kings Way Community Church; Ordained Minister of Christ; Board Member, Mont Sinai Ministries, Bayonnais/Gonaives, Haiti

Lyle also has worked on international projects providing a variety of services to those most in need; most recently in Haiti where he has been traveling to help locals receive and education, clean drinking water, and medical assistance. There, he has been helping to develop self-sustaining villages and supporting education and orphanages since early 2010. He has served as President of his previous Rotary club and as the Rotary District 6930 International Chair for 2012-2013. He is a Paul Harris Fellow and an ordained pastor. He remains passionate to help others obtain a better life for themselves.


Mike Gordon

Michael is originally from Maryland and has resided in Florida since 1999. Michael has a background in business operations and has been in the recovery field for 14years. He is the Executive Director of Sunset House Inc. a 34 bed non-profit licensed level IV program for men in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He was instrumental in Sunset’s transition from halfway house to licensed transitional program in 2000. Michael maintains contact with supporters, donors, and alumni both in the local area and throughout the country to continually improve the Sunset House Program. In addition, Michael developed an independent quality assurance committee to review the Sunset House program, policies, and procedures to ensure current and future clients continue to receive quality and ethical services.

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